Burning Monk Tattoo | aftercare
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The healing of your art piece


  • Remove bandage after 2-3 hours and wash with unscented soap and water until vaseline is fully removed.
  • Always dab dry with a clean towel DO NOT let it air dry.
  • Repeat the steps above if there's any lymph (transparent/bloody liquid_ coming out of the tattoo; if the lymph dries, it will create a thick scab.
  • Apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizer after 2-3 days or when the tattoo feels dry.
  • Keep your tattoo clean!

DO NOT pick at your tattoo or scratch it
DO NOT suntan, swim or soak your tattoo until the scabs have fallen off (2-3 weeks)
DO NOT listen to your friends "advice"; call us with any questions!

We believe that it is extremely important to keep our working environment sterilized and clean for the best working conditions possible.Therefore above all the measurements we try to keep a sterilized environment, we also use Be Safe Sterilization.


Be Safe Sterilization provides sterilizer monitoring for Burning Monk Tattoo. They are a widely recognized industry leader in sterility assurance products, providing the most professional sterilizer monitoring service available in the industry.




  • Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning and/or touching your piercing.
  • Fill a glass/bowl with warm saline solution. Soak the piercing directly in the saline solution. Rince piercing with water after soaking as salt residues can cause irritation.
  • Use a mild, unsented soap like Spectrogel to clean your piercing in the shower. Remove the crusts off the jewelry using a Q-tip and water

AVOID Friction | Playing with the jewelry. The use of alcohol: hydrogen peroxide and ointments (polysporin); Lakes, pools, Jacuzzi, All the beauty and personal care product on or around the piercing.


  • For the exterior of mouth, use the same advices as for the body aftercare.
  • Use an alcohol free mouthwash, after each meals, for 3 weeks.
  • Mouthwash for at least 30 seconds.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to shorten the jewel after 3 weeks.

AVOID Playing with the jewelry | Excessive talking | Gargle with alcohol | Oral Sex | beer, wine, mild, anything containing yeast and microorganisms.

Repeat these steps 2x/day for the first 3 weeks. Then, 1x/day until there's no redness/crust/sensitivity. Take advils or ibuprofene as recommended.